Masterplan Spoorzone, Tilburg


Team: Hernando Arrázola, Jo Coenen, Paul Katenbroek
Opdrachtgever: Gemeente Tilburg

The city of Tilburg commission the atelier of government Architect Jo Coenen to vision a renewal urban fabric at the national train maintenance zone northside Tilburg’s train central station. The task was to urbanize an area occupied by NS company, empty lots and some abandoned buildings. The concept is to connect physically and visually both sides: the old city with a revitalized new urban layout.

Mix-program new urban blocks and careful selection of existing valuable old but representative iconic buildings, populate an area that historically housed mainly textile fabrics.

The city of Tilburg together with city bodies established a workgroup to tailor a vital and ambition plan. It is with great honor that the municipality took close attention to this proposal and decided to further develop it up to a proper master plan.

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